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SINCE 1992

AGORADA has been held since 1992. Since the beginning, EURADA has been holding its annual general assembly accompanied by an open conference "AGORADA" for all members in which the priority strategies of each moment in the field of regional development are valued European, innovation and economic and business growth. 

AGORADA is therefore the stellar moment in which all members co-participate, collaborate, transfer their knowledge and advance in strategies of first importance and level for regional economic development and innovation. 

If you would like to gain an idea of ​​how past editions went, below this text you will find the photo albums from them. Even though this year will be different because of the global pandemic, we hope the AGORADA 2022 will once again be in our premises. Until then we will take advantage of this situation, taking into consideration that we will not need to spend time on travel and the event will create as many synergies as possible, even online. We are sure it will be an excellent event. 

Click here for more pictures of AGORADA's last edition in 2019.