The agenda of AGORADA 2021 will be updated on a daily basis.




Opening session: Welcome address 

 Roberta DALL’OLIO, President of EURADA 

The New European Bauhaus 

The EU has considered the challenge of climate change as a fundamental axis for its future policies. In this context, the European Commission has launched this year the European Bauhaus initiative, as the beginning of an innovative co-design process, where it is decisively committed to accessibility, sustainability and investment to achieve the Green Deal. ​​

  • Discussant:   Sergio Pérez, DG Foreign Affairs. ‎Government of Navarra  

  • Speaker:        Borislava Woodford. JRC European Commission 


Interregional cooperation

Most of the members of EURADA are involved on interregional initiatives as an engine of economic growth. The Interregional Innovation investment initiative (I3) is a new opportunity that will be launched after the summer 2021 to facilitate co-investments on public-private partnerships in different territories. The programme will provide financial and advisory support for investments in interregional innovation projects and/or development of value chains in less developed regions. 

  • Discussant:   Andrea Di Anselmo. MetaGroup  

  • Speakers:  Anita Tregner Mlinaric. MetaGroup .  Valeria Bandini. ART-ER 


11:15- 11:45 

International cooperation 

Taking cooperation beyond EU borders, the International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme provided EU regions with the opportunity to learn and exchange best practices on innovation with Latin American regions. The experience that can be gain along with the advantages of international cooperation will be discussed here together with the new possibilities provided by the IURC through the opportunity to work with regions not only in Latin America but also in China either through pairings or clusters. 

  • Discussant: Jaime del Castillo. INFYDE 

  • Speakers:  Ronald Hall. European Commission. 

  • Two practical cases: Jerker Johnson. Regional Council Ostrobothnia & Gabriela Macoveiu. ADR NordEst.

11:45- 11:45 

Experimental innovation policy in Europe  

Some innovation agencies have started embracing serious policy experimentation to increase the impact of their support innovation mechanisms, using methods such as randomized controlled trials (RCTs). With new business models and technologies emerging, it becomes more important than ever that innovation support agencies constantly adapt and innovate in a way that they provide support. EURADA and Nesta's Innovation Growth Lab have agreed to cooperate to strengthen the experimental capabilities of RDA´s and help improve the design of their programmes. There will be an introductory workshop in autumn, and probably a more advanced training offer following that. Join AGORADA and discover everything about this innovative opportunity. 

  •       Albert Bravo. Innovation Growth Lab. Nesta 


Closure and conclusions  


  • Bogdan Chelariu. ADR NordESt. Vice President of EURADA